You ever write something embarrassing?

Good, thank god.

And I guess I’m being hard on myself. I mean, the story I wrote for Wattpad’s Witching Hour Contest could definitely be better, but given that I had written “Deeper” while I was pacing my way through contractions, trying not to imagine my vagina tearing like a wet paper bag, it could have turned out worse.

The premise of the story is simple: Natalie, a twenty year-old werewolf, can only save her best friend by venturing into one of the most dangerous places on earth: the catacombs beneath Paris. But there are creatures beneath the city at night, and as the witching hour approaches, she becomes ensnared by the deadly and powerful Eric, a vampire lurking in the shadows.

Thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed this piece. I can only hope to continue to thrill and terrify you 🙂

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My Life Changed Forever

A few days ago, my life changed forever:

I gave birth to my first child, Felicity.

Until I held her for the first time, I had never known such a powerful admixture of responsibility and love. I felt like weeping, weeping so hard I could not possibly weep, because I was too overcome with the beauty of her face looking back at me, blue-eyed and calm, trembling with life. How was this possible? The burning, shrieking agony of labor disappeared. Love remained.

Thank you for your patience as I welcome my child into this world. I’m climbing back onto the literary horse, starting by:

  •  Posting a short story on for The Wattpad Witching Hour Contest. After all, when you’re going into labor and trying to shut out shoots of pain seizing your abdomen, what could possibly be a better distraction than hammering out a thousand words of unedited, paranormal schlock? Don’t get me wrong, I like this story, but it needs some obvious work. Feel free to eviscerate it (or take pity on it with a vote!) at
  • Posting daily pictures of my coffee and word count again. My morning cup of motivation.
  • Continuing to work on my paranormal romance novella “Warmth.” I had taken a hiatus on this work to finish my Wattpad Witching Hour Contest Entry “Deeper,” but now that this work has been submitted, it’s back to grindstone 🙂
  • Editing my full length paranormal romance novel “Blood of the Witch” for beta reading.
  • Scribophiling, blogging, Tumbling, etc. Networking in general.

Thank you for reading, you guys continue to rock!

– Liv Miles